ACS Flour Sack Towel

Flour Sack Towels

America’s favorite kitchen towels are back, and ready to brighten your kitchen or shop. Tap into the quality and economy of our grandparents’ generation with our old-world quality flour sack.

Endlessly versatile Flour Sack Towels are a favorite in the cleaning and restaurant industries, thanks to their generous size and absorbency. The super absorbent, super soft material provides completely streak, scratch and lint free cleaning. Polish glassware, TV screens, windows, chrome and anything else within reach.

All Flour Sack Towels are:

  • 100% cotton
  • durable
  • bleached (Natural Flour Sack Towels are not bleached)
  • washed twice
  • lightly ironed

We normally ship within 5-7 business days. If you need them sooner, please call us.

Standard Towels

Sizes: 28X29, 22X38
These are hemmed on two sides, and have a finished edge on the other two.
Standard towels are ideal for cleaning, baking and kitchen/restaurant use.

Deluxe Towels

Sizes: 16X24, 30X30, 32X36
These are hemmed on all four sides. Listed sizes are factory specs; actual is size is 1 to 2 inches smaller.
We recommend our deluxe towel if you need a more uniform, higher grade towel. These are ideal for crafting.

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