Our soft goods offer the best combination of quality, sustainability and affordability on the market today. Perfect for the discerning customer, our soft goods are carefully chosen, meticulously sourced and individually inspected to ensure the highest quality.

At ACS Home & Work, you can enjoy the quality of old-world style soft goods at wholesale prices. You can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your products have been made sustainably and ethically.

Ranging from throwback flour sack and mission stripe kitchen towels to luxury bath towels, our exclusive catalog of soft goods is ideal for both individuals and aggressive small business owners who demand only the best for their customers.

Thanks to our close-knit relationships with trusted mills, we bring scalable wholesale pricing to individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re ordering one pillow or 2,000 flour sack kitchen towels, we challenge you to find a better combination of quality and price anywhere else.

Made in the USA

We source our soft goods from USA-based mills and textile manufacturers as often as possible, and rely on the highest quality international mills when necessary. Some of our products, like our 1888 Mills bath towels and Deluxe Tote Bags, are grown and made entirely in the USA. Other products, like our Mission Kitchen Towels, are milled abroad and cut, sewn and processed right here in our Coopersville facility.

When sourcing our soft goods, we search for mills and suppliers who offer the best combination of: a) quality, b) ethical and sustainable production practices, and c) cost effectiveness. Our hunt to find the highest quality soft goods leads us to farms and mills across the USA, Canada, India, Brazil and China. When we source products from outside the USA, it’s because the quality we’re seeking simply isn’t available closer to home.

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